Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Part 1 : A Pitch Black Life

The world seem like an ocean. An ocean so vast that I can't escape everywhere I swam.

Oh yeah, I can't swim. And the ocean's current seem to pull me into the darkness. I struggled to go for the light. Gasping for air and thrusting my body upwards.

But still the current is too strong. It keep pulling me towards the bottom like an invincible hand strangling me, holding my body and won't let go.

How I wish there are hand pulling me up. As I being pulled to the dark pit of the oceans, I realised the light has fade away and there are no hands grabbing mine and helping me up.

From that moment, I decided to give up. Yes. I'm giving up on this world.

The world that pulling me to the darkness and drowning me.

I gave up. And as that moment I was drawn into a total blackness.


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