Saturday, June 19, 2010

Toy Story 3: Best movie of this year!

When people start making sequel or triquel in this case, people tend to make one big mistakes. They tend to create new stuff and in the process destroying the originality of the previous movies.

Such mistakes has been done by the like of Spiderman and Transformers.

Heck, Toy Story is nothing like that. They even use the same soundtrack from 15 years ago.

When Pixar start making movies with Disney, the contract is just for five animated series (Toy Story 1&2, Finding Nemo, A Bug's Life and Monster Inc). But since the first three movies ; Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Monster Inc, this collaboration has become a total hit. Dude, correct me if I'm mistaken.

Since then, they collaborated again to produce Wall-E and the Oscar winning Up.

And after 15 years, they turn back to the very movie that made their name in animated world. The very movie that made people turn their head on Pixar. The very movie that changed the whole world perception of an animated movies.

And yeah, the only movie which we can see Tom Hanks reprised his roles for the third time. (He has never done a sequel for his movie before Angels and Demons and Toy Story 2).

And hell yeah, that guy still has a lot in his spine though only his voice is in the movie.

15 years since the first 3D movies I watched, Toy Story never changed. In a good way of course. It make you remember that good old day.

It just felt that you are Andy himself. Cause I did.

Thanks Woody and Buzz. I am that kid again.


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